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May 13
Choosing the best destination wedding gown

Here are the top things to look for when choosing a wedding dress for your destination wedding.

May 08
Fun and effective pre-wedding workouts

In order to maintain a regular workout it needs to be fun and motivational or you simply won’t want to keep doing it.

May 06
How to make your makeup last through your wedding day

Tips to keep your makeup looking perfect all day and night long.

Apr 29
Multiple wedding dresses?

Learn why many brides today are wearing more than one wedding dress.

Apr 24
Top 10 most important wedding attire questions

Review these important questions before you begin your shopping experience.

Apr 22
Spring wedding makeup tips

Spring and summer makeup should be light and soft.

Apr 17
Choose the right lingerie for your body type

Tips for choosing the perfect wedding lingerie for your big day!

Apr 15
Skin care basics for the winter bride

Canadian winters can be hard on a bride’s skin. Here’s how to keep it healthy and glowing.

Apr 11
Workouts that work

Looking to get buff before you’re a bride by heading to the gym? Your workouts might not be as effective as you think.

Apr 10
Thinking about buying your wedding dress online? What you need to know

Here’s what you need to know before making a costly mistake.