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Category: Be Beautiful

Jun 12
Fall wedding makeup

Consider these helpful tips for your fall wedding makeup.

Jun 10
Hair accessories for the bride

There is a vast selection of hair accessories and each comes with some pros and cons.

Jun 07
Do I have “Sensitive Skin”?

Sensitive skin affects millions of people and, depending on who you ask, its definition can vary. Most dermatologists will tell you that a significant portion of their practice is made up of those reporting sensitive skin.

Jun 05
Relax with an at home spa

Here are some of the best recipes and ideas for making a spa at home.

Jun 03
Top wedding gown fitting tips

A fitting is session where the tailor or seamstress makes final adjustments to the fit of the wedding gown.

May 31

Rosacea is a long-term skin condition usually affecting the cheeks, nose and forehead. Rosacea is characterized by a tendency to flush and blush after exposure to triggers such as stress, sunlight, spicy foods and alcohol.

May 29
Choosing the best wedding dress style for your body type

While you may have dreamt of a certain style wedding dress the truth is that not all dresses look good on every figure.

May 27
How to make your maid of honour stand out from the bridesmaids

There are many different options to help her look different than the other wedding attendants.

May 22
Swarovski henna

Henna Swarovski is a new way to add more sparkle and elegance to the henna designs.

May 15
Tips for choosing a bridal perfume

Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing the scent for your special day.