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Category: Do’s & Don’ts

Dec 16
4 Tips on Wedding Cakes

Tips on how to get the perfect wedding cake for your special day

Dec 04
Who pays for what in a modern-day wedding?

While traditionally the bride's parents were the ones who paid for the wedding, today things are a bit different.

Dec 02
Thank you Gifts for your wedding

How to choose the perfect wedding favours for your honoured guests

Sep 02
An everlasting bouquet

How to preserve your wedding bouquet so it lasts a lifetime

Aug 30
Keeping the peace

How to deal with divorced parents at your wedding ceremony

Aug 26
Culture club

How to include everyone's culture in your wedding day

Aug 23
In loving memory

The noticeable lack of a loved one can put a damper on the festivities. Here’s how to keep the memory alive.

Aug 19
The more the merrier

How to keep the peace when you have two honour attendants

Aug 16
Flower power

How to decorate your ceremony with flowers without wilting your wallet