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Jul 18
Lash Lust

Various eyelash treatments and products promise to give you long and full eyelashes,…

Jul 15
Fall wedding makeup tips

Doing your makeup is different for fall weddings than for summer celebrations.

Jul 11
20 Low calorie snacks to send that extra weight packing!

If you’re trying to cut down on calories you may find yourself having some trouble…

Jul 08
Shopping tips for plus size brides

The key to shopping for a dress is to find a dress that minimizes your worst areas and…

Jul 04
How to look tanned while avoiding the sun

Just because you know you shouldn't lay out and catch some rays, doesn't mean you…

Jul 01
How to lose those last 10 pounds

Here are some great tips for losing those last few pounds and getting to the weight…

Jun 27
Serum vs Moisturizing Cream

Water-soluble ingredients like vitamins, anti-oxidants and acids are well suited for…

Jun 24
What to do with your dress after the wedding

What do you do with your gown after your big day?

Jun 17
Avoid these wedding dress regrets

Here are some tips to avoid the most common wedding dress misgivings.