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Best destination wedding
Here are the top things to look for when choosing a wedding dress for your destination wedding.

Choosing the best destination wedding gown

Here are the top things to look for when choosing a wedding dress for your destination wedding.

You’ve decided to have a destination wedding and now you need to start planning your wedding. In many ways a destination wedding is easier to plan than a local wedding. One thing that does take some extra planning is your choice of wedding gowns. A destination wedding is less formal than a standard, church wedding back home. In fact, many destination weddings take place on the beach or in a park setting, making them very casual.

Here are the top things to look for when choosing a wedding dress for your destination wedding.

Packability – In most cases you’ll be bringing your wedding gown with you in a suitcase. Choose a dress that is easy to pack and doesn’t have a lot of extra crinolines and underskirts. Once you unpack your dress you’ll be able to have it pressed back into shape but it’s still a good idea to avoid extra large dresses that don’t pack well. You’ll also want to stay away from materials that wrinkle easily. Choose easy-breezy fabrics such as cotton-polyester blends. Avoid linen and rayon since these fabrics can get super-wrinkled. If you do have a more ornate wedding gown consider having it shipped to your destination ahead of time.

Comfort – Opt for a comfortable destination wedding dress. Because most destination weddings are more casual than other weddings your gown should also be less formal. Keep in mind that you’ll want to stay comfortable no matter what the weather is. Be sure to try the dress on with the underpinnings you’ll need – some of these dresses require special bras to wear them properly. Sleeveless or short-sleeved gowns are best for comfort. Avoid lace and mesh that tend to hold in heat. Skip the train as this will only serve to be a nuisance, especially in a more casual setting like a beach.

Cool Factor – The weather at most destination weddings is very warm, so you’ll want to choose a wedding gown that isn’t too hot. Avoid large, heavy dresses with big petticoats or crinolines underneath as these just trap heat inside, making it unbearable. Instead, look for a gown that is fluid with simple lines. Consider choosing a gown with an open back. Another option to think about for hot weather is a short dress rather than a long gown. New convertible gowns offer the best of both long and short versions.

Wear it Well – The best piece of advice for destination brides searching for their perfect wedding dress is to choose a simple dress that fits well. The dress should be fancy enough to say “wedding” yet casual enough to fit in well with the wedding. Look for a destination wedding dress in regular dress shops, online through catalog dress stores, and even at prom shops. Shopping at a non-traditional bridal dress shop gives you more options and offers more affordable attire.

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