Category: Planning Tips

Sep 17
Your 12 month wedding task countdown

Wedding planning can be complex but it needn’t be difficult or stressful.

Sep 14
Bride’s ultimate ceremony planning checklist

The ceremony isn’t difficult to plan if you follow some basic steps and checkpoints.

Sep 10
Choosing the best winter themed favours

Just because the holiday's are coming doesn’t mean that you have to go with a…

Sep 07
Winter wedding colour combinations

Consider rich burgundies, deep navy, silver and gold to provide a wonderful winter…

Sep 03
How to get the groom involved with wedding planning

Reassure him and encourage him to take an active interest in getting everything prepared.

Aug 31
Winter wedding bouquets

You can have a great bouquet by using flowers that are in season.

Aug 27
Secrets for buying a beautiful diamond on a budget

Tips for finding the perfect diamond while staying within your budget.

Aug 24
Everything you need to know about receiving lines

If you choose to have a receiving line, don’t worry, it will go smoothly and…

Aug 20
DJ vs. Live band

Is a DJ going to be better than a live band?

Aug 17
How to spot a wedding crasher

Wedding crashers can ruin your wedding and wreak havoc at your reception.