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Apr 02
15 Romantic and creative ways to propose

Thinking of proposing? Here are some sweet ways to do it.

Mar 31
Hire Smokin Beatz

Smokin Beatz has music for the following genres Hip-Hop, Country, Rock & Roll,…

Mar 31
Should a Wedding DJ take requests?

I think it is important for wedding DJ’s to take requests but at the same time it is…

Mar 24
How do I let the DJ Choose Music for My Wedding?

When picking a DJ for my wedding, do I let them know what songs/music to play, or do I…

Mar 21
What is a typical wedding ceremony process?

If you have a wedding coordinator make sure I am in contact with them so we can plan…

Mar 19
How wedding superstitions got their fame

These superstitions and traditions find their way into wedding planning somehow.

Mar 16
10 Fresh music choices for walking down the aisle

Here are some of the top choices for different aisle-walking songs.

Mar 14
What Music do you Want for your Wedding Ceremony?

The type of music you want for your wedding ceremony depends on what your style is.…

Mar 12
4 Top wedding tasks for the Mother of the Bride

Duties for the mothers of the bride that will leave them feeling loved and like they…

Mar 07
Where is the Best Place for a DJ to Setup for my Wedding Ceremony?

The best place for a DJ to be set up for your ceremony is away from you and your…