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Sep 02
An everlasting bouquet

How to preserve your wedding bouquet so it lasts a lifetime

Aug 26
Culture club

How to include everyone's culture in your wedding day

Aug 23
In loving memory

The noticeable lack of a loved one can put a damper on the festivities. Here’s how to…

Aug 16
Flower power

How to decorate your ceremony with flowers without wilting your wallet

Aug 12
That special someone

How to make a beloved friend or family member part of the wedding – even if she’s not…

Aug 09
Gender bender

How to incorporate attendants of a different gender in your wedding party

Aug 05
Saying “I do” to a venue

Find the perfect ceremony location by asking a few important questions up front

Aug 02
Tips for Writing Your Wedding Vows

Have you hit writer's block trying to write your vows?

Jul 29
Decorating For Your Wedding Ceremony

When it’s time to plan the wedding ceremony decorations, you’ll need to consider…

Jul 26
Unique and interesting wedding programs

Here are some tips to create a memorable program that won’t end up tossed in the trash…