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Dec 09
4 Tips for Outdoor Weddings

Four sanity-saving tips for outdoor receptions when the weather is unpredictable

Dec 06
4 Wedding Catering tips

Keeping wedding guests happy is as easy as pie – depending on what you serve them to eat.

Nov 22
A break from tradition

Personalize your wedding by breaking some old and stuffy wedding “rules”

Nov 18
Is choosing wedding transportation driving you crazy?

Here’s how to find the right ride for the big day.

Nov 15
Save the date… with style

Too soon to send out formal wedding invites? Make sure guests don’t make any plans…

Nov 11
Beyond First Corinthians

How to find readings for your wedding that are as unique as you are

Nov 08
Beyond “Here Comes The Bride” Music!

Bored by Bach? Turned off by Tchaikovsky? Try these fresh music ideas for your processional

Nov 04
Planning Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor wedding ceremonies can be at the mercy of the weather. Here’s what to do if…

Sep 02
An everlasting bouquet

How to preserve your wedding bouquet so it lasts a lifetime

Aug 26
Culture club

How to include everyone's culture in your wedding day