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Mar 19
10 Signs you have turned into Bridezilla

Remember the simple pleasures that got you to the aisle, and make sure the inner diva…

Feb 06
How to be a confident bride

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Dec 27
Pre-wedding winter hair tips

Winter can take its toll on your hair and you certainly don’t want your hair to look…

Dec 02
Winter wedding accessories

You need to stay warm but in an elegant way that is befitting to your wedding.

Nov 27
How to Workout with a Baby

Hello Mommas! Quite often when I teach Mom and Baby classes I’ve been asked for tips…

Nov 22
Benefits of an Outdoor Workout

We are looking forward to summer all winter months, longing for more sunshine, more…

Nov 16
Welcome to the Tribe!

Hello and welcome to anyone who is reading this post at the moment. This will be a…

Sep 23
Pre-wedding low calorie energy boosting snacks

Boost your energy with these tasty and energizing low calorie snacks.

Sep 16
Wedding day beauty bag must haves

Be prepared for anything that may happen with your emergency bridal bag!

Sep 09
Wedding day tattoo coverage ideas

There is something you can do to temporarily hide your tattoos – cover them.