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How to choose the perfect wedding favours for your honoured guests

Thank you Gifts for your wedding

Like with most things at a wedding ceremony, wedding favours should match the tone of the rest of the reception. They can be as simple as a poem printed on a bookmark to more extravagant or personal gifts. Remember that favours are a small token of your gratitude for your guests’ attendance, so they should not be cheeky or off-colour.

Wedding favours need not be expensive, either. Take a cue from how formal your wedding is. The more formal your wedding is, the more you should spend on the favours.

There are several factors that can help you choose the right wedding favours:

Time of year

If it’s Christmastime, consider buying ornaments with the couple’s names and wedding date. For New Year’s Eve, provide horns and confetti to ring in the New Year. A springtime wedding may feature colourful Easter candy as part of the favours.


Many people who attend weddings often do not bother to collect their favours. Some brides are turning to give items that can be used to “shower” the bride and groom as they leave the reception. One popular favour is a small phial of bubbles to blow at the couple in lieu of rice. This also saves the family from having to clean up rice after the reception. You can never go wrong with candy, either. If someone prefers not to take their candy, someone else will surely take it before the night is over.

Monogrammed items

Keepsake items with your names on them are a great way for people to remember your wedding ceremony. Many bridal shops have a wide range of favours that can be monogrammed, including mock jewellery boxes and matchbooks.

Children’s favours

If children are invited to your wedding, have some simple favours for them as well. A nice pinwheel with a name attached is a great favour, and makes an excellent place marker. Small boxes of crayons, candy and other little trinkets are perfect for the young ones. Even at a more formal wedding, it would not be a good idea to spend much money on children’s favours, and they would most likely be lost or forgotten by the night’s end.

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