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Tips to make sure you look your best on your big day.

Wedding Day Makeup Do’s and Don’ts

Tips to make sure you look your best on your big day.

A lot of thought, planning and money go into the look that you want for your wedding day. The final touch after the gown, veil and hair is the wedding day makeup. Read below for some dos and don’ts when it comes to makeup for your wedding day.

It’s Not Like Every Other Day

Some brides say that they want to look like they always look, so they wear makeup the same way that they do every other day. While there is nothing wrong with going for a natural wedding day look, keep in mind that the makeup should be appropriate for bright lights and photographs.

Businesses that offer cosmetic services suggest that wedding day makeup should be put on a bit darker than normal in order to accommodate the brighter than normal lights and flash photography.

Get Professional Help

Unless you have a lot of experience with makeup application, get some help. This is, after all, your wedding day and you want to look flawless.

There are cosmetic services consultants that can show you a few of your best looks. Some will teach you how to apply your makeup for your wedding day while others will suggest that you go to the shop on your wedding day or they will come to the venue to apply it for you. 

Even if you decide to do your own wedding day makeup, an appointment with a cosmetic services provider can give you some pointers about how to bring out your best features.

Hair AND Makeup

Hair and makeup go hand in hand. The style of wedding day makeup that you choose should depend on your hairstyle. Some styles call for much more dramatic makeup while for others a more natural look is appropriate.
Working together with your hairdresser and cosmetic services consultant will assure a makeup look that complements, rather than competes with, the hairstyle.


Some weddings last a long time. There is a good chance that you will need a touchup or two throughout the day in order to keep looking your wedding day best. When you talk to you cosmetic services consultant, ask him or her which items you will need for touchups.

Typically, touchups will consist of simply reapplying lipstick and applying a puff of powder to keep down shininess and ensure that your skin looks flawless in all of your wedding photos.

Task a bridesmaid with keeping a small bag with the items needed for your touchups so that you’ll have everything that you need on hand.

Wedding day makeup is just as important as the dress, shoes and all of the other elements that complete your perfect look. Getting personalized advice from a qualified cosmetic services consultant will help you make sure that you can put your best face forward!

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