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This handy guide will give you answers to some of the most common questions about attire.

Top wedding attire questions answered

This handy guide will give you answers to some of the most common questions about attire.

Choosing your wedding attire is among the most important decisions you’ll make when preparing for your wedding. Brides often have questions about what to wear.

Do I Need to Wear White?
White is a traditional bridal gown colour, especially for first-time brides. While white is still the most common choice, today’s brides are now choosing other colours for their bridal gowns. Nude (pale pink) is a very popular choice, as well as pale peach. Brides should feel free to wear any colour they prefer. If you choose white, keep in mind that there are many different shades of white so it’s best to pick the colour that looks best with your skin tone. If you have fair skin, choose ivory white with undertones of yellow. Pink skinned gals should pick cream white. Those with dark, olive, or yellow skin tones look best in off-white shades.

Do I Need to Spend a Lot of Money on a Wedding Dress?
The short answer is no. The important consideration is the workmanship of the dress. In other words, you want a wedding gown that looks expensive even if it isn’t. To find an inexpensive gown consider buying a sample or shopping at a bridal discount outlet store. You can also find high quality used gowns for low prices at used clothing stores and consignment shops. You can find vintage gowns at thrift shops or from friends or relatives. If you buy a dress on sale or purchase a used dress be prepared to have it professionally dry cleaned, pressed, and altered. When looking for quality workmanship check the seams and lace – places where poor quality shows through.

Can I Wear a Short Wedding Gown?
Yes, short gowns are becoming very popular. You’ll find a wide selection of short wedding dresses at your bridal salon or department store. When considering a short gown think about the time and formality of your ceremony. Short dresses are best for less formal weddings, outdoor events, and beach ceremonies. The length should be kept to about knee length. If you wear a short gown your bridesmaids should also wear short dresses. If you’re undecided about wearing a short or long gown, consider a new convertible gown. This type of dress has a long skirt over a short dress. After the ceremony you can remove the over-skirt if you like and you’ll end up with a short wedding dress.

Should I Wear a Train?
Long trains are popular for formal weddings. The rule of thumb is the more formal the wedding the longer the train.  If you’re having  a typical semi-formal wedding consider a train that is several feet in length or shorter. Long trains are hard to move in and usually require some help throughout the day and evening. Some trains are cleverly converted into a bustle using buttons, making the dress easier to wear throughout the night. A nice compromise to the train is a fishtail. This is a small puddle of material that is much easier to walk with and is very trendy right now.

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