Bridal bouquet and ivory high heels shoes. Wedding details
Shoe clips are embellishments that clip or snap onto your existing shoes.

Shoe clips – A great option for bridal footwear

Shoe clips are embellishments that clip or snap onto your existing shoes.

Are you looking for a way to dress up your shoes for your wedding? What better way than with a pair of shoe clips. Shoe clips have been around for years and are now gaining in popularity. Shoe clips are embellishments that clip or snap onto your existing shoes to transform them into something fancier. You can easily attach a pair of shoe clips to your shoes to give them a completely new look.

Shoe clips come in a variety of options. Rhinestones and flowers are two of the most popular styles. They work easily on almost any type of shoe or sandal and can be worn again and again on different shoes. They are perfect for the bride’s shoes as well as for bridesmaid shoes. Shoe clips open so you can slip them over the end of the shoe near the toe. Then snap them shut and they stay in place.

Shoe clips can instantly create a uniform look to your bridesmaid shoes without them having to wear the exact same style. Simply allow your bridesmaids to wear their own pair of white sandals and have them attach the matching shoe clips for a perfect look. You can find them in all types of styles and colours. If you like you can choose clips that have a coloured stone that matches their dresses. Clips are a great way to save money on bridal and bridesmaid shoes and they make perfect gifts for your bridesmaids.

You can find shoe clips in a variety of stores as well as online. You’ll find a wide array of styles and colours and they range from simple to fancy. They are very affordable and are much less money than buying a brand new pair of shoes. There are many styles available or you can order specially made clips in any colour and style you prefer. If you’re crafty you can even create a pair yourself.

If you already have a favourite pair of comfy shoes why not wear them for your wedding? Just add some sparkly clips and you’ve quickly created a brand new shoe that is perfect for wearing down the aisle. You’ll be much more relaxed wearing shoes that are already broken in – and they can be your “something old” that you wear for your special day. Plus, you’ll be able to use the clips again on other shoes in your closet.

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