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There are some easy tricks you can try to make your teeth appear whiter.

Tips to make teeth look whiter for your wedding day

There are some easy tricks you can try to make your teeth appear whiter.

All eyes will be on you, the bride, on your wedding day. Some brides are worried that their teeth won’t look white enough. Indeed, wearing a stark white wedding gown can make your teeth appear slightly dingy. But there are some easy tricks you can try to make your teeth appear whiter.

Use extra strength at-home teeth whitener
Start using at-home teeth whitener at least a few weeks before your wedding. The treatments will instantly brighten your smile and improve the whiteness of your teeth. If you have the time (and money), have your teeth professionally whitened. This can take a couple of treatments at the dental office.

Use a shade darker foundation
This trick is often used by television personalities. Use foundation in a shade darker than your skin. You can easily accomplish this by using one of the popular bronzers on the market today. The darker colour will create the illusion of brighter teeth.

Wear silver jewellery
Silver jewellery can help to create a bright look to your face and teeth. Gold jewellery can actually make your teeth (and skin) appear sallow.

Choose the right lipstick
Wear lipstick that enhances white teeth and avoid blue toned lipstick which makes teeth appear yellow. Try pink or coral shades, which will help your teeth look white. Make sure that your lips are not dry or cracked or lipstick will emphasize this problem.

Use Whitening Rinse
Whitening mouth rinse is available that can improve the whiteness of your teeth with regular use. Rinse your mouth twice daily for several months before your wedding.

Choose an Off-White Dress
If you want your teeth to appear whiter, think about wearing a wedding gown that is off-white or natural coloured. The colour of your gown will immediately make your teeth look whiter.

Choose a Soft White Dress
There are actually different shades of white. If you want a white wedding gown be sure to choose a soft white dress as opposed to one that is bright white.

Bring the Focus to Your Eyes
To make your teeth look whiter, simply bring the focus to your eyes. Emphasize your eyes by using eyeliner, smoky shadows, and lash lengthening mascara.

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