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Tips to pull off a fabulous reception at home.

How To Have Your Reception At Home

Tips to pull off a fabulous reception at home.

Not all brides want a big, fancy wedding reception that costs enough to put a kid through four years of college. If you’d rather have a smaller, more intimate affair, your home can serve as the perfect wedding reception site. Transforming your abode (or that of your parents’ or a friend’s) into a great setting for a wedding party isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Putting together a wedding reception at home calls for many of the same steps you might undertake if you’d selected a big hall. The only real difference is found in the fact that you won’t have to pay for rental and you might have to pick up your own socks before company comes over. To pull off a great reception at home:

Pick your space – Examine your home and yard to determine where best to set up your wedding reception. You may choose, for example, to set up a dance floor and serving line under a tent in your yard. Or, perhaps your living room is large enough to accommodate?

Plan the guest list carefully – Chances are your home will not accommodate a huge wedding reception. Unless you have sizeable grounds and intend on setting up tents in the yard, consider keeping the guest list on the smaller size. You don’t want to overcrowd your guests and make the atmosphere uncomfortable.

Dream up the decorations – You’ll want to make sure your home is decorated for the wedding reception. In this generally smaller setting, some flowers, bows, bells and other embellishments can go a very long way and keep your budget well in check.

Don’t forget the food – Whether you plan on doing the cooking yourself or you want to hire a caterer, you’ll still need to get the food in order. Keep the guest list in mind and the level of formality you intend for your big day.

Remember the entertainment  – The beauty of an at-home wedding reception lies in the many options you have for entertainment. You can, of course, hire a band or disk jockey. You can, however, save a ton by putting together your own wedding mix on a CD and setting up a sound system. Whatever way you go, do take the time to think ahead about this decision.

Having a wedding reception at home is a great way to save money without skimping on the fun. Just plan ahead and be realistic about activities and the size of the guest list.

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