Unwrinkle your veil
Some love the look, others despise it. Do you want to wear a veil on your big day?

To Veil Or Not To Veil?

Some love the look, others despise it. Do you want to wear a veil on your big day?

This is a question many brides find themselves asking. While a veil is a bridal wear tradition that dates back centuries and crosses cultural lines, some brides simply do not like them or are offended by the meanings behind their use. Others, however, adore their feminine appearance and the quintessential way above all other pieces of attire symbolize a bride.

History Of The Veil

So, why would a veil potentially offend a woman looking at bridal wear?

Well, this particular piece of bridal wear has a long and colorful past. Veils have been used in wedding ceremonies for ages, dating back to the ancient Greeks and Romans and perhaps even further.

In some cultures, for example, veils were a mandatory piece of bridal wear meant to conceal a bride’s appearance during an arranged ceremony. The veil ensured the groom didn’t know what he was getting so the “buyer’s remorse” could only come after the ceremony.

It is also said that the use of veils as bridal wear may have evolved out of a more nefarious act in certain cultures. Vikings, for example, often kidnapped their brides and tossed blankets over their heads.
In some cultures, veils are a piece of bridal wear that symbolizes a bride’s modesty. Others simply see the veil as an added embellishment to lend mystery and beauty to the bride on the big day.

Do You Really Want One?

In many cultures today, the veil is seen as an optional piece of bridal wear. You can go with or without and still look stunning. If you’re having trouble deciding, just look inside yourself. If you always envisioned walking down the aisle with a veil your groom would lift for that first kiss, by all means find a veil! If you’re uncomfortable with extra head gear or worry the veil will get in your way, opt for something else. Tiaras, sprigs of flowers and other embellishments can make you look just as beautiful and serve very well as bridal wear.

Wearing a veil is no longer mandatory. If you want one, go for it. If you’d prefer another style of bridal wear, you’re free to choose. It’s your day!

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