Here are the most common hidden costs - if you can’t avoid them at least you can be prepared for them ahead of time.

Hidden wedding costs

There’s no question that weddings can be costly. In fact, the wedding is likely the most expensive party celebration you’ll ever have in your lifetime. You’ve set your budget and allowed for many different variables but you may not have thought about the hidden costs that you’re certain to come upon. Here are the most common hidden costs – if you can’t avoid them at least you can be prepared for them ahead of time.

Delivery Charges – It’s important to note that delivery is almost always an additional charge. You’ll see delivery charges for the cake, flowers, dress, and anything else that you choose to have delivered. Delivery charges may be a set fee or a percentage of the total bill. They may also add additional costs for mileage.

Tax – Tax is charged on most items purchased locally. Tax can be significant and is usually a set percentage of the total sale price. Tax is added onto the bill so be prepared to include it when making out payment checks.

Bar Fees – You may think you’re saving a lot of money by bringing in your own liquor but think again. Most venues charge a bar set up fee to those who aren’t buying from them. Ask about this fee before you decide how to fill your bar. Additionally, if you bring your own bottles of wine or Champagne you may be charged an additional uncorking fee.

Tips – Tips aren’t necessary but they are expected. You’ll need to give tips to many of the service professionals providing services for your wedding. You can make the envelopes ahead of time so they are ready to be handed out at the time of the event.

Extra Venue Charges – You signed a contract but expect to pay more due to add-ons and extra fees. Look closely at your contract – it may specific a specific amount of money for additional services. Some of these include set up fees, clean up fees, additional guest fees, cake cutting services, chair rental, and extended time charges.

Overtime – You can extend the time of your reception if guests are having a great time – but expect to pay dearly for it. You’ll need to pay overtime charges for the venue, the band or DJ, the photographer, valet, and any other services required to keep your reception going longer.

Marriage License – Don’t forget you’ll need to purchase a marriage license. You may also need to get passports and may want to add travel insurance in case your trip has problems.

Postage – The cost of the postage can sometimes be almost as much as the invitations themselves. Remember you’ll need special postage for oversized or heavy envelopes. Then keep in mind postage for the return envelopes and for save the date cards.

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