One of the best ways to make an educated decision is by asking the right questions.

Don’t hire a wedding photographer until you read this

Finding the perfect wedding photographer can be a difficult process. Sometimes it can be hard to choose between several different professionals. One of the best ways to make an educated decision is by asking the right questions. Be sure to ask the same questions to each of the photographers so you can more easily make a comparison. Here are some of the questions you need to ask before signing the contract.

What is your primary photography style? 
It’s trendy these days to choose a photojournalistic style but it’s a personal choice. Keep in mind that a photojournalistic photographer can usually do well with portraits but a traditional photographer may have a hard time trying to create photojournalistic photos.

Do you use black and white, colour, or both?
It can be nice to have some photos done in black and white. Also, consider other special options such as the use of filters. In general, the more experienced the photographer the better able they are to provide expanded services.

May we see your portfolio?
Most photographers are more than happy to show you a portfolio of their work. When reviewing the portfolio concentrate on wedding photos. When reviewing the photos look for a variety of shots and check for quality. You’ll also want to know which photographer took the photos.

How many photographers work here?
It’s important to know that you’re getting the quality you’re paying for. Review the specific work of the photographer you’ll be working with. Learn more about the training and experience of the photographer before making a choice.

How are the wedding photos provided to us?
Today, many photographers provide photos online or on a disc. Once you choose the photos you prefer the photographer can photoshop details to enhance the quality if needed. Typically you’ll want to be able to view your initial photos within 3 to 4 weeks of the wedding.

What is included in the packages?
Most photography studios offer a menu of package options to pick from. What you may not know up front is that there are usually some steep additional costs when you add things on.

What equipment do you need to bring?
You’ll also want to find out how much time the photographer needs to set up ahead of time so you can coordinate with the church and reception venue.

Can we provide you with a list of photos we want taken?
It’s standard to take a variety of typical photos but if you want to ensure that certain shots are taken you’ll need to provide a list to the photographer. Be sure that the list is provided plenty of time ahead of the wedding and answer any questions ahead of time.

Are you available for the entire day?
All too often, photographers over-book their services. They may end up running from one event to another with little time in-between. If that happens, you could end up with some concerns on your wedding day. It’s best to choose a photographer that is available to stay at your event for a specified allotted time.

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