Typical issues that come up when planning a wedding.

10 Problems every bride faces – and how to avoid them

Being a bride isn’t always easy. There are many problems a bride faces and sometimes needs help in resolving. You’re not alone. Here are the top ten problems brides face and how you can avoid them.

1. Staying on budget. A wedding can be very costly and things can add up quickly. It can be very hard to stay within your budget.

2. Deciding who pays for what. There are so many things to pay for that it can be confusing when determining who will pay. Discuss the various items with your family to find out payment options before you begin planning.

3. Choosing food for the reception dinner. It’s important to accommodate special diets but it can be challenging. The more menu items you add the more expensive the reception. To keep expenses down, choose one meat dish and one non-meat dish, along with several vegetable sides.

4. Deciding on the type of wedding to have. Your budget may help you make this decision. A formal wedding will usually be more expensive. If you’re on a tight budget you can choose to have an appetizers-only reception.

5. How to handle guests who don’t RSVP. Don’t stress! Make an attempt to contact them. Then, simply make sure that you have added on about 10% extra meals to account for any discrepancies.

6. Deciding whether to invite children. Children can be distracting yet many of your family members may want to bring them. If you decide to invite them, set aside a special children’s area and hire a couple of sitters so kids will be properly controlled.

7. Keeping the wedding fun. You don’t want to have a boring wedding. Make sure yours isn’t boring by adding some fun features such as a cool DJ and a photo booth. Avoid too many lengthy toasts.

8. How to keep bridesmaid expenses low. Many bridesmaids are on a tight budget and may be unable to afford the costs associated with being part of a wedding. To keep costs low, choose an inexpensive bridesmaid dress, allow bridesmaids to wear shoes they already own, and give them matching jewellery as gifts.

9. Making the decision about who to invite. Your wedding budget may help determine who to invite. You may need to consider not inviting your work friends or put restrictions on your plus-one options.

10. Sending thank you notes. Brides often stress over whether to send thank you notes to those who didn’t give a gift. Proper etiquette dictates that you send a thank you note to everyone who attended your wedding – gift or not.

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