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There is something you can do to temporarily hide your tattoos – cover them.

Wedding day tattoo coverage ideas

There is something you can do to temporarily hide your tattoos – cover them. 

Your wedding day is approaching and you want to look your best – so what can you do to hide some of your tattoos? Tattoos are great most of the time but they simply don’t always look good on your wedding day. Sometimes a tattoo can show out of your dress in strange ways and can make your look less beautiful than it should. There is something you can do to temporarily hide your tattoos – cover them. Some methods work better than others. Once you choose a method for hiding them you should try it out at least a few weeks before your wedding to see how successful it will be.

Makeup is a good coverage idea but you must choose the proper formula. Some special makeup is designed specifically for coverage of tattoos. Be careful to choose a formula that is waterproof. Even waterproof makeup can begin to melt with heat and sweat so be prepared to reapply as needed.

If your tattoos are large or difficult to cover with makeup, consider using your dress to cover them. Choose a dress that will properly cover your ink, at least partially. For example, if you have a tattoo on your shoulder, choose a wedding dress with sleeves so the tat won’t show. Or, use a shrug or wrap to cover it.

A flowing veil can effectively cover up some tattoos. However, remember that you’ll usually remove the veil at some point in the reception, at which time your tattoo will be revealed.

A small, flesh-coloured band aid is another option for disguising a tattoo. Of course, the success of this method will depend on exactly where the offending tat is located. Use the flat type that has no padding. Flexible, thin band aids are perfect for covering small sized tattoos.

Rhinestones or crystals are available as tattoos. They are applied to the skin to form beautiful patterns. A cute rhinestone pattern can successfully cover a small tattoo, making it virtually invisible. All you will notice is the crystal pattern.

If you have tattoos on your hands or wrists, consider wearing gloves. Gloves not only cover your tats – they add elegance and classic charm to your look. Keep in mind that you’ll likely remove your gloves during the evening, at which point your tattoos will be visible.

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