Here are answers to some of the most common questions about the bridal registry.

Top bridal registry questions answered

Every couple needs to be registered to receive gifts they want. Your registry is a helpful tool for your wedding guests in order to purchase items you really want and need. Here are answers to some of the most common questions about the bridal registry.

Where and When Should We Register?
People will begin to ask where you’re registered almost immediately after you announce your engagement. You should typically register within about a month of your engagement. However, if your wedding is still more than a year away, you may be better off waiting. In any case, you should have registered at least several months before sending off your invitations. It is essential to register at several places to ensure that all your guests will have plenty of choices. Pick at least one store that is online, which is quite easy to do these days. Include both low end and high end department stores.

How Do I Tell People About My Registry?
While it has always been considered poor etiquette to list gift registry on invitations, it is a trend that is becoming more accepted. That’s because most people really want to know where you’re registered so they can purchase gifts that you prefer. If you want to keep to strict standards, don’t use the invitation to list gift registry. Instead, direct guests to a website where you can convey information including a comprehensive list of gift registry.

What Should We Put on Our Registry?
Couples need to include plenty of choices on their registry and should have many various price point options. For example, you can place different small items (think placemats, coffee mugs, and kitchen gadgets) so people can easily find something within their budget. It may be tempting to choose the most expensive or top-of-the-line appliances and household items but doing so may be too daunting to guests. Pick a less extravagant model – one that is affordable for guests. If you don’t put enough choices on the list you may find yourself receiving lots of things you don’t need.

How Can I Handle Large Gifts?
It can be presumptuous to place high ticket items on your wedding registry, yet these are items you may want. In some cases, groups of friends or co-workers will get together to buy a larger item instead of many smaller ones. Some items can be easily broken up into smaller pieces (place settings). For large items, you may be able to portion them out – for example, break down the gift into parts so that a guest may purchase a percentage of the gift.

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