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How to fit exercise into your honeymoon.

Stay in shape on your honeymoon

How to fit exercise into your honeymoon.

Your wedding is over and now you’re ready to let loose on your honeymoon. But it’s important to know that you should try to stay in shape on your honeymoon or you could end up packing on unwanted pounds. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of eating everything you want without exercising. Instead, think about how you can stay in shape while you’re on your honeymoon trip.

• Take advantage of the hotel’s fitness centr. Most hotels offer fitness centres that you can use free of charge. No more excuses that you aren’t near a fitness club! Plus, you can visit the fitness centre together.

• Visit a local gym. Many gyms and fitness centers offer special weekly packages designed just for those who are traveling. This can be a great way to continue with your regular exercise plan without skipping a beat.

• Swim every day. Hotel pools are fun and refreshing. You can easily add more exercise to your day by diving into the pool at least once a day while you’re on your honeymoon.

• Circuit training. Many local areas have parks that offer circuit training. Each station provides you with a different exercise to do. Work your way around the circuit to get the most out of the day.

• Hiking or walking. This is a great way to stay in shape. If you’re honeymooning in a location that has lots of things to see and do in the area don’t call a cab – walk instead. You’ll get your daily exercise and see the local sights at the same time.

• Biking.  A great way to get some exercise while on vacation is to do some bicycling. You can usually rent bicycles and take a short trip around the area while sightseeing.

• Canoeing or kayaking. This is a great way to exercise. If you’re near water, think about renting a canoe and paddling around the lake or down the river.

• Morning jog. If you’re a runner don’t stop just because you’re on your honeymoon. In fact, why not take your spouse with you as you run in the area around your vacation hotel?

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