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This spring’s hottest colours for bridesmaids mean almost anything goes

Pretty in pink

This spring’s hottest colours for bridesmaids mean almost anything goes.

From bold shades like hot fuchsia to muted pastels, pink is the colour of choice this year. When using any colour for dressing your bridal party, it is important to avoid overdoing it. Instead, colours like pink should be used as an accent colour.

Gayla Matos, Wedding Coordinator of Leave the Details to Me, says a lot of her clients are choosing the formal black and white while accenting their bridal party with shades of pink. “Some are having red accents, some are having hot fuchsia pink and others are having pale pink,” she says. “A couple years ago it was all purple. This year it seems to be pink.”

Matos says the trick is not to go overboard. “You don’t want the guys all in pink shirts and the girls in pink and everything in pink,” she says. “I think that a lot of couples are doing the black and white and then they’re putting the shots of colour in their bouquets, in the boutonnieres and in the centerpiece.”

Matos says one of the most important things to remember when dressing your bridesmaids is comfort. “My guidance to brides when I’m talking to them about this is to be sensitive of your bridesmaids,” she says. “They are putting a lot of time and money into helping you with your wedding and you want them to actually be able to wear that dress again afterwards and get their money’s worth and not end up with a closet of 27 dresses.”

Matos says one of her favourite trends is when the bride chooses a colour and lets the bridesmaids pick the style that suits them. “I’ve seen it where every dress is completely different,” Matos says. “I’ve also seen it where they’ll pick a series, like one designer who has several different styles in the same fabric, and so on. Then the bridesmaid is picking something she is comfortable with.”

Matos also suggests brides keep in mind that every bridesmaid is different in size. “I think the bride really needs to look at the shape of her bridesmaids and take that into consideration as well.”

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