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Just because you know you shouldn't lay out and catch some rays, doesn't mean you can't get that sun-kissed look.

How to look tanned while avoiding the sun

Just because you know you shouldn’t lay out and catch some rays, doesn’t mean you can’t get that sun-kissed look.

By now, it is common knowledge that too much sun is bad for you. It is in fact becoming common knowledge that any sun is bad for you. How do you reconcile this knowledge with the golden goddess and bronzed god image of beauty that became the ideal in 1950s – and never really stopped being the ideal after that? There are several tricks to maximize your bronze factor while minimizing the damage being done to your health.


Never underestimate the power of a good bronzer. Bronzers can help you rock your cheekbones, bring out your jaw line and most importantly, it can reduce your need to lay out in the sun. Sun damage is especially potent and dangerous to your face, which is why a bronzer is so great.

Find a shade the compliments your skin tone. Most bronzers come in multiple shades, there is one perfect for you. Don’t use the bronzer instead of powder foundation. Try blending your foundation with a shade darker and using bronzer over that, it will provide the most natural look. Brush the bronzer on the area’s of your face that would be sun-kissed: your cheekbones, your forehead and the tip of your nose. Bronzer is also great to give a golden glow to your décolletage. Just be prepared some might come off on the inside of you top! Staff Pick: Rimmel Natural Bronzer.

Gradual Tanners

There are some really amazing gradual tanners available. Most are a lotion-based gradual tanner that you apply daily. These lotions moisturize, as well as gradually give you a darker colour. These tanners color you a warm, golden hue, rather than the orange shade more generally associated with fake tanners. This is a good way to “tan” if you are patient, because it takes a few days. You do have to make sure to rub the lotion in evenly or you will have trouble with streaks or uneven coloring. Staff Pick: Jergens Natural Glow.

Fake Tanners

These got a terrible wrap because it used to be that if you tried one of these, you were inevitably turning orange. This is unfair because, in recent years, the technology on these have improved; largely because of the realization the sun is bad for you. There are many fine and affordable fake tanners that you can use to darken your skin without exposing it to dangerous sunlight. Staff Pick: Life Brand aerosol self-tanner.

Besides the self-application kind of self-tanner – the foams, lotions and sprays – there are the professional spray tan booths that are good for special event like a wedding or prom. They need only one application and last for about 3 – 5 days depending on some variables. They are generally fairly affordable depending on where you get them done – and let’s face it, given the choice between paying in cash or paying in cancer, which would you pick?

Wear White (Or the Right Pastels)

Besides modifying yourself, you can also modify your wardrobe to make yourself appear more tanned. Wear more white or pastels, specifically pastel blue – blue complements golds and tans. Light colors help your skin to appear more tan than it is.

One other option to consider is to love your pale skin. Porcelain beauty is more and more appreciated as time goes on. Actresses like Nicole Kidman and Julian Moore show us that the pale is perfect. Put the same effort into caring for your pale skin as you do trying to darken it, and you’ll be surprised how beautiful and sexy it can be – even if it’s not the color of a toasted marshmallow.

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