Consider rich burgundies, deep navy, silver and gold to provide a wonderful winter backdrop for your wedding.

Winter wedding colour combinations

Winter weddings offer a unique and beautiful choice for many different colour combinations. When choosing colours think about rich, deep colours of winter rather than soft, pastel colours you’d use in the spring. Consider rich burgundies, deep navy, silver and gold to provide a wonderful winter backdrop for your wedding. Here are some of the most popular wedding colour combinations.

Blue and Silver
Navy blue paired with silver makes a wonderful winter colour combination. Be sure to choose a deep, elegant blue. Use velvet bows and trims to add more richness to the look. Consider deep blue tablecloths with silver runners on top. Use clear glass cylinders filled with blue and silver balls as elegant centrepieces.

Red and Green
This traditional holiday colour combination is perfect for weddings that are in December. The key to using red and green as wedding colours is to use deep, rich hues. Avoid bright reds and greens that have a cheaper look to them. When you use red and green together, always try to combine them in equal parts. For bouquets, use deep red flowers paired with dark greenery such as juniper sprigs.

Silver and Gold
Silver or gold can combine together to make a very elegant looking wedding. Try dressing your bridesmaids in alternating colours of silver and gold. Have the groomsmen wear silver or gold ties. Coordinate silver and gold by interspersing silver and gold decorated tables throughout the reception hall. Use gold or silver table runners and add more glitter by using candles throughout.

Green and Silver
Use deep, dark green along with silver to create a pretty winter colour combination. Green looks particularly good in velvet so consider velvet bridesmaid dresses. When choosing the colours be sure to pick a dark, deep hue of green since it will have a more chic look.

Burgundy and Gold
Deep rich hues of burgundy and gold make a very stylish winter wedding. Burgundy, a dark red colour, is more elegant than simple red. Use velvet and plush fabrics to add more depth and warmth to the setting. Gold touches create a very sophisticated look to the wedding.

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