You can have a great bouquet by using flowers that are in season.

Winter wedding bouquets

Winter is a wonderful time for weddings, however, winter isn’t the best time to find flowers that are in season. You can have a great bouquet by using flowers that are in season to create a bouquet that is beautiful yet fits well with winter weddings.

Pinecones – Add interest and winter magic into your wedding bouquet by adding some small pinecones. You can use natural pinecones or add glittered or gilded pinecones for some elegance. Pinecones are readily accessible and are inexpensive.

Winter Greens – Use some of the greens you see in winter – spruce or juniper boughs. Use these as an anchor and intersperse with small white flowers for a delicate and feminine look. Added benefit – juniper smells great!

White – Delicate white flowers form a beautiful bridal bouquet for winter. Opt for miniature calla lillies, delphinium, or lilies of the valley. Add some white leaves (try silk) to add more interest and definition to the bouquet.

White Carnations – Carnations have lots of benefits – they are fragrant, abundant, and inexpensive. Plus, the carnations can be combined with any colour accent ribbon for a beautiful and elegant bouquet.

Velvety Red – For winter weddings, why not try a red velvet bouquet? Try some dramatic amaryllis blossoms and add some interest with Hypericum berries for a plush effect. Include some sprigs of juniper to complete the look.

Silver effects – Use small white flowers such as roses or carnations and add some frosted leaves and painted berries for a silver look. This can be made more elegant with the addition of a silver ribbon.

Victorian Beauty – Use Victorian inspired roses and lilies of the valley along with fern to make a dainty and pretty classic bouquet. Add some white or silver berries for a touch of elegance. Include a lace ribbon to make it look vintage.

Tuxedo Bouquet – Use white flowers with touches of black to make a tuxedo look. Choose large, dramatic white flowers such as hydrangeas and add some black in touches throughout. Include a black velvet ribbon to add more drama to the look.

Wildflowers – Nothing looks better than a large bouquet of wildflowers. For a winter wildflower bouquet choose flowers such as heather, sweet pea, and Tulbaghia for a really pretty look. Keep the stems long and gather them with a wide satin ribbon.


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