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You need to stay warm but in an elegant way that is befitting to your wedding.

Winter wedding accessories

You need to stay warm but in an elegant way that is befitting to your wedding.

Winter is a great time to have a wedding. Because the weather is cooler there are many more options when it comes to accessories. When you choose winter accessories for your wedding think about keeping warm in a refined way. For example, gloves, scarves, and pashminas are all necessary ways to keep warm while shuttling between ceremony and reception. You need to stay warm but in an elegant way that is befitting to your wedding. You can also give winter wedding accessories to your bridesmaids as their gift. Here are some ways to add interest to your winter wedding.

Silver or gold glittery accessories add an elegant touch to winter weddings. Whether gold or silver, choose glitter ballet flats, hair barrettes, nail polish, and jewellery. The sparkles will add to the winter wonderland of your wedding ambiance. Everything glittery creates a very whimsical feel to the scene.

Lace is a great wedding accessory. Whether used in gloves or wraps, lace is a great way to add more elegance to your winter wedding. Lace is traditionally used in vintage settings so you can create a classic look with lace. A little lace goes a long way so use it sparingly. Lace can be any colour but is traditionally found in white or off-white.

Feathers can be added to almost any accessory item to add more interest to it. Feathers often embellish hats, gloves, and wraps. When you add feathers to an item it looks more regal. Feathers, particularly white feathers, look like snow and therefore are the perfect winter accessory.

Everyone has a favourite aunt or grandmother. You can be sure to honour her at your wedding by using one of her vintage accessories. A vintage accessory may be a brooch, barrette, hankie, or scarf. You can easily incorporate this item into your look for an interesting accessory for your winter wedding.

Faux Fur
Think about keeping your hands warm with a faux fur muff or with fur trimmed gloves. Elegant and sophisticated, fur is a universal way to keep warm. Avoid using regular gloves that aren’t fancy enough for a wedding. One good option is to purchase fur muffs for the bridesmaids so all will match.

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