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What is a N.A.P.?

Business can want to win in local search through N.A.P.

In online marketing, “NAP” stands for Name, Address, Phone Number. Having accurate and consistent NAPs is likely the single most important component of effective local SEO.

While almost all business owners want to win in local search, studies have shown that, aside from their own websites, the majority of businesses never update their NAP information online (even if they have moved). Most say they don’t have the time and resources to hunt down all of their online listings to find and correct mistakes.

This puts a lot of businesses at a disadvantage. Most surveys lists “Accuracy of Address” as the #1 positive factor in local search and “mismatch NAP” (i.e., between different directories) as the #3 negative factor. Stated another way Businesses that maintain NAP consistency can gain a Big Advantage!

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