The do's and dont's when it comes to wedding gifts!

What are the10 best and 10 worst wedding gifts?

Everyone wants to give the best wedding gift possible, but some gifts are better than others. Here are some of the best and worst wedding gifts you can choose.

Best Wedding Gifts

Cool kitchen gadgets – Opt for new choices for the kitchen such as blenders, fruit smoothie makers, and wine coolers.

Eco-friendly items – The environment is an important topic these days so choose an eco-friendly gift that’s sure to be a hit.

Personally monogrammed gifts – Think about a personalized welcome mat, monogrammed towels, or glasses with the couple’s name on them.

Wine or beer of the month – What better way for the couple to enjoy their first year of wedded bliss than with a monthly delivery of a favourite beverage item.

Cash – You can’t go wrong with money. The couple is likely in need of many things and will welcome the ability to combine money to purchase something they really need.

Gift card – Still a popular gift, it’s high on the list of best wedding gifts – but only when it’s a gift card to a store that the couple enjoys. If you’re unsure, give a Visa or American Express gift card or choose cash.

Concert tickets – Tickets for a great upcoming concert or sporting event is a gift that most couples will enjoy.

Sentimental gifts – If you have a family antique or sentimental piece consider giving them to the bride and groom. These types of gifts hold the value that will only increase throughout the years.

Overnight getaway – Yes, the couple is going on a honeymoon, but soon they will settle into the daily grind and will need a night or weekend away. Choose a gift certificate to a local resort, spa, or upscale hotel where they can relax and be pampered.

Dinner or Take-Out – Give a gift certificate for dinner or food from a favourite local eatery. The couple will really enjoy not having to cook for a night.

Worst Wedding Gifts

Tired kitchen appliances – avoid the overdone obvious choices such as the immersion blender, bagel toaster and ice cream maker. These are most likely going to be returned to the store.

Wall art – Unless it’s a Picasso, don’t give artwork. Everyone’s taste is different and the couple will feel obligated to display what is given to them, even if it isn’t to their liking.

Plants – Not everyone has a green thumb and the couple may not want to have to care for plants. Choose something else instead.

Gift cards to obscure stores – Specialty stores may not have something the bride and groom want. If you’re going to give a gift card make sure it’s to a large, nation-wide store that also has an online presence.

Bedding – Unless it’s on the registry, don’t give bedding as a wedding gift. Not only is it boring, but it also may not match the couple’s décor.

Anything that requires a subscription – Don’t force the couple to spend additional money in order to be able to use the gift you provided.

Exercise equipment – An elliptical may seem like a great gift, but it may be sending the wrong message. Avoid giving anything that the couple needs to use to exercise (it’s like telling them they are overweight).

Furniture – Unless you know exactly what the couple wants, don’t give furniture as a wedding gift.

Clothing – It may seem cute to give matching bride and groom sweatshirts or hats but don’t do it. The couple is not going to want to wear these crazy outfits.

Sporting goods – In most cases, sporting items aren’t going to be fun or interesting gifts for the couple.

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