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Hello and welcome to anyone who is reading this post at the moment. This will be a space where I will share my journey, exercise tips and tricks, and nutritional ideas.

As I am writing this post, I’m thinking of what I like the most about Pilates, so this type of exercise stick to my lifestyle. As you may know I came to Pilates to recover my body after pregnancy, have some “me time” in the evening and get away from always-something-to-do home. Working out in the evening I didn’t want to do any high intensity training as I still wanted to get a good sleep after the class, so Pilates was a perfect choice for me. I was so surprised by my results knowing that I only invested one hour a week into this. I also like how I can easily apply those Pilates movements to everyday life from lifting grocery bags, getting out of the car or enjoying a better posture.

Probably the most win for me from doing Pilates was becoming more mindful and connecting mind to body. As you know, life gets so busy and we are spending most of the time in our head thinking about a million things to do, solving work related problems, getting our kids to activities in time, etc. Spending just an hour a week for your well being is so powerful and for sure your body will thank you for that!

Feel free to leave your comments or share any ideas. I’m always curious to read them

 About Pilates Difference

About Pilates Difference

Offering small group pilates classes for pre and postnatal, core strength and conditioning as well as private sessions using Pilates Reformer. Personal approach plus nutritional support.

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