From a Muskoka Tavern to Canada’s Wonderland, here’s how to find a unique reception location for your wedding

Weird, wacky and wonderful weddings

A wedding is a time to celebrate the coming together of two people and should be a reflection of those two people and their personalities. Many couples include small personal touches here and there to make their weddings unique. Your reception venue is a great place to start if you want to stand out from the rest and really show your guests who you are as a couple.

Tracey Manailescu, of The Wedding Planners and co-founder of The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada, has coordinated many weddings with unique venue choices, from a Muskoka tavern to Canada’s Wonderland.

“I really enjoyed a five tent wedding on the bride’s family property. There was a Jazz band in one tent for cocktails, and reception in another and so on. I also really liked Caledon Inn, as the couple got married in the woods. Unique venues can be selected and based on a couple’s personalities.”

If you and your partner are really into art, a fabulous reception venue would be at an art gallery. It would not take much decorating as the simplicity of an art gallery is a beautiful setting on its own, and it is a perfect way to keep guests occupied while you are out taking pictures with your bridal party.

“The venue will be personalized with the couple in mind and entertainment and décor will reflect their style,” says Manailescu. “Alcohol and caterers can be selected and brought in to accommodate budgets and desires.”

If you and your partner are very modern and stylish, why not bend the rules completely and have a fabulous lunch reception at a trendy downtown restaurant? Inviting guests to lunch instead of dinner adds to the uniqueness of your wedding. Check out the wide selection of upscale restaurants by Oliver & Bonacini at to find a trendy location near you.

When it comes to planning your wedding at a non-traditional venue, Manailescu says it’s important to hire professionals, as they will know many contacts that can help make your dreams a reality.

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