While you may want to keep some of your favourite traditions there are some that you may be able to ditch.

Wedding traditions you can skip

Everyone knows that weddings are full of lots of traditions and customs. Sometimes it may seem that some of these traditions are outdated and having too many of them can make the wedding seem too jam-packed. While you may want to keep some of your favourite traditions there are some that you may be able to ditch. Update your wedding by making some smart changes like the ones below.

Traditional ceremony – You can keep your ceremony in the church but update it to be more modern. Use updated programs, altar décor, and add a lemonade bar to keep the ceremony fresh.

Matching Bridesmaids – Bridesmaids don’t have to wear the exact same dresses or even the same colours. In fact, a new trend is to choose two or more colours and have your bridesmaids wear alternating shades.

Father Walking You Down the Aisle – Many brides are now re-thinking their walk down the aisle. Consider some updated alternatives such as having both your parents walk you down or walk down alone. You may also want to walk down with your brothers or sisters.

White Wedding Gown – White is still associated with wedding gowns, but more and more brides are beginning to think outside the box. Coloured wedding dresses are becoming more popular. If you don’t want to forego white, think about updating the dress with a bright sash for a pop of colour.

Wedding Bouquets – Instead of having a single colour for your wedding bouquet, consider a bunch of flowers in candy colours. You can also have your bridesmaids each carry a bouquet of flowers in single colours.

Bridal Veil – Some brides are now foregoing this tradition altogether. If you want to wear a veil, think about choosing a partial or short veil instead of a full length one. Opt for a veil that can easily be removed, such as one that is attached to a headband.

Playing the Bridal March – You don’t need to play the traditional bridal music when walking down the aisle. Update your wedding ceremony by playing a more current song or one that has special meaning to you as a couple.

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