There are some wedding music myths that you need to explore before making your final choices.

Wedding music myths

Planning the wedding music is one of the most important aspects of setting up your wedding, yet it’s one of the most complicated. On first glance it may seem easy to simply choose a band and you’re done. Actually, there is more to the decision. There are some wedding music myths that you need to explore before making your final choices.

The DJ Won’t Play What I Want – This is false. Actually, a DJ will play whatever you choose. If you don’t have requests, the DJ will fill the time with his own choices. However, if you want to be in control of the music, you can be. Simply make sure that you work with the DJ ahead of time to create a playlist and timeline that can be easily followed at the reception.

You Can’t Have Both a Band and a DJ – You can have both a band and a DJ if you plan properly. You can set aside specific times and songs for each of them to play. Having both a band and a DJ gives you plenty of flexibility and loads of music with no down time.

Hiring a Club Band is a Good Idea – Not really. Club bands are mainly geared towards playing a specific set of songs and don’t usually deviate too much from this agenda. Instead, opt for a band that is able to play a variety of music.

A DJ Won’t Make Announcements – If you want announcements (announce the couple, wedding cake cutting, dinner, etc) they can be made by either the DJ or the band. If you expect announcements throughout the evening it’s important to request this during the interview process.

Bands Won’t Play Current Music – Many wedding bands spend time learning the latest songs so they can play a wide variety of choices. If you have some songs you want to make sure to have played, give the band your request in plenty of time.

A DJ Will Let the Party Get out Of Control – Some DJs like to take requests and speak to guests. However, most of them are aware of the important songs that must be played and will accommodate you in every way.

The Music I Want Won’t Get Played – If you want to be sure that the music you want is played, be sure to discuss the music with the band or DJ prior to your wedding. Create a list of important music to be played – you can even provide a timeline if you like.

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