There are some things to consider when choosing engraved bands.

Wedding band engraving – Tips and ideas

One of the best ways to personalize your wedding bands is by engraving them. Engraved bands have been worn for hundreds of years. There are some things to consider when choosing engraved bands.

Where to engrave – Wedding bands can be engraved on the inside or the outside (or both). If you choose to engrave on the outside it’s essential to determine how many characters will fit around the ring, keeping in mind that the woman’s ring will be smaller in size than the man’s ring.

Rings for engraving – If you’re planning on engraving on the wedding bands you’ll need to choose rings with a plain surface. Consult with a jeweller to be sure to pick rings that will work properly for this purpose.

What font to use – Choose a type of font that looks good with the words that are being engraved. You can use cursive or printing and pick a font that you prefer from a wide range of choices. Remember that cursive may be too feminine looking for the outside of a man’s wedding band.

What to engrave – Couples each have their own idea of what they want to be engraved. Here are some ideas:

Names – If you like you can have the bride and groom’s names engraved on the inside of the wedding bands along with the wedding date. If the names are too long, consider using initials instead. Couples may also choose to include pet names for each other rather than their full given names.

Poetry – Poetic phrases are an endearing way to embellish wedding bands. Keep the phrase short and sweet – the phrase needs to fit comfortably onto the band.

Love – Consider engraving the phrase “I love you” in various languages inside or outside the rings. Another good option is the word “forever”.

Wedding vows – Choose a special section of words from your personal wedding vows to engrave inside or outside the rings.

Secret code – Not enough room to engrave all the words of your sentiment? Instead, engrave the first initial from every word forming a secret code that husband and wife will share for a lifetime.

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