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It is important to keep in mind basic safety measures and use common sense when creating a “trash the dress” photo shoot.

Trash the dress safety

One of the latest popular trends with weddings is to have a “trash the dress” photo shoot. This is a photography session where the bride and groom have a creative way to destroy the wedding dress. The trend, however, has sometimes turned dangerous when brides partake in extremely unsafe events to try to create their trash the dress moment. It is important to keep in mind basic safety measures and use common sense when creating a “trash the dress” photo shoot.

• Think the situation through before taking part in it. For example, a young bride recently lost her life as a result of swimming in her wedding dress. The dress became too heavy from the water and weighed her down. She could not be rescued and drowned as a result.

• Don’t do anything dangerous. Sure it sounds fun to jump out of a plane while wearing your wedding gown, but always consider the possibilities that could occur. Sometimes regular activities are made dangerous by wearing a large, flowing dress.

• Have people nearby. Don’t attempt to partake in a trash the dress activity unless there are plenty of other people around. Avoid going into a place where there aren’t other people (such as hiking into the deep woods). Any number of problems could arise that you aren’t prepared for.

• Remember, it’s only a picture. Don’t take unnecessary risks or do something you wouldn’t ordinarily do just to get a good photo.

• Decide what you want to accomplish before you start out. Photo shoots often start out mildly and become more dangerous as the participants become bolder. Avoid the temptation to get wild and crazy as this could be unsafe.

• Research the activity before you participate in it. The Internet makes it easy to do this. Find out if anyone else has ever done this type of thing while wearing a wedding dress and if so, did it work out well?

• If you have any trepidation about the situation always stop and trust your instincts. Don’t do anything you feel could be risky.

• Brides are always trying to outdo others when it comes to trashing the wedding dress. Try to make sure that you discuss your intentions with others so that you can find out if there are any unknown dangers involved and if so, toss that idea.

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