You'll want to avoid making these common mistakes so you can enjoy a trouble-free wedding day.

Top 10 wedding planning mistakes

Planning your wedding takes a lot of time and plenty of organization. Of course you want your special day to go off without a hitch. Sometimes, mistakes you make in planning your wedding can cause problems. You want to avoid making the most common mistakes to enjoy a trouble-free wedding day.

1. Not setting a budget – It’s essential to keep a budget in mind so you’ll be able to properly choose the services and venues for your big day. This is the financial decision you and your groom will be making so it’s best to discuss your expectations and set a budget you can both agree on.

2. Miscalculating the number of guests – Always plan for about 10% more guests than you think you’ll have, and don’t forget about the minister, photographer, and any other extra people that may be on hand.

3. Stress – Don’t over-stress while planning your wedding. It should be a fun process and not a crazy anxiety-ridden time.

4. Not having a backup plan – Setting up a backup plan will put your mind at ease so you can enjoy the day.

5. Forgetting important details – Stay organized by utilizing planning tools and calendars to make sure you don’t forget any significant information.

6. Choosing the wrong colour – Take your time when choosing the colours for your wedding. Make sure you’re happy with them – always pick colours you really like.

7. Not allowing for problems – There are going to be some (hopefully minor) problems with every wedding. Take the day as it comes and don’t worry if there are some things that go wrong.

8. Not getting help – Many brides feel that they should be able to plan the entire wedding without help – and this leads to stress and anger. Instead, enlist help whenever it’s offered and learn to delegate many of the tasks that could bog you down.

9. Allowing too little time – Make sure that you have plenty of time to plan the wedding that you want. Set the wedding date based on the time needed to plan.

10. Voice your needs – It’s easy to get angry when others aren’t helping or supporting you through the planning process. But you need to remember to let others (especially your groom) know what you expect from them ahead of time.

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