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Three Simple Hacks to Remember When Choosing A Wedding Officiant

1. How much should I budget?

You can expect a range between $150…for a simple elopement/paper signing…to $600 for an elaborate ceremony with a full rehearsal. Generally, the more in-demand and experienced the officiant, the higher the fee. The average is around $300 to $450. Remember to ask if the price includes travel, taxes, personalized ceremony, etc.

2. When should I book?

As soon as you book your venue, you should look to book your officiant.  

The more time you allot to interviewing possible officiants, the better the fit will be.

3. How do I decide?

You need to feel comfortable with the person who will be presiding over your ceremony and who will be in your wedding photos.  Do they listen to your concerns and questions about the type of ceremony you want? The officiant needs to understand that it’s your wedding.  They should be willing to personalize it for you.  Is the officiant eager to incorporate cultural traditions, your love story, your requests, etc.?  

If you’re looking for a customized ceremony, are they willing to accommodate you?


I Do Weddings

I Do Weddings

Registered Officiant Vincenza (Vinnie) Marchese
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Located in Vaughan, Ontario, I Do Weddings is a company that specializes in officiant services for weddings in the Province of Ontario.

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