Before making a quick decision one way or the other, consider these important advantages and disadvantage.

The pros and cons of eloping

Wedding preparations and planning can be a long, difficult, and expensive undertaking. Some couples decide that they would rather forego the expensive or elaborate wedding and opt instead for an elopement. Eloping is a choice that isn’t right for everyone, but there are some definite pros and cons. Before making a quick decision one way or the other, consider these important advantages and disadvantages to choosing an elopement instead of a wedding.

Elopements are much less expensive than weddings. In fact, many couples prefer to save their money and get married as part of their honeymoon rather than having a large wedding. Even small weddings can be expensive. Many couples these days are paying for the wedding themselves. If money is a major concern, consider the elopement as a much cheaper alternative. When you’re saving for a home or when money is tight, a wedding may be out of the question. Instead, eloping may be the right answer.

Another advantage to an elopement over a traditional wedding is that you can elope on a moment’s notice. A traditional wedding takes months or even years of planning. If you simply don’t want to wait that long, consider an elopement. In some cases, the couple may have other reasons for getting married quickly. You may be starting a new job, or moving to a new city. No matter what your reasons, if you want a fast wedding, think about eloping.

If you hate stress and despise planning, consider an elopement. After all, you’re going to devote almost every waking hour for a year to the wedding planning process. Instead of wasting all that energy for one single day, think about eloping. The elopement itself is quite simple to plan and really is no more difficult than planning a typical vacation. If you really just want to get it done, the elopement is certainly a good option.

One disadvantage to eloping is that you won’t have your close friends and family members present at your wedding. This can be resolved by throwing a wedding celebration party after the fact where you can invite those you want to a gathering. If you really want your family present (face it, it may be more important to your parents than to you) consider asking your parents to attend the elopement.

Another disadvantage of eloping is that you won’t have the large or elaborate wedding that you may have dreamt about. If you have been mentally planning your wedding for years, an elopement may not be right for you. You may find that you are unhappy with never having the wedding experience that you wanted. This is where you need to come to terms with your true feelings and express yourself to make sure that you won’t be disappointed later on.

Another potential disadvantage to an elopement is that you may not receive wedding gifts. Wedding presents are typically given by those who attend your wedding. An elopement will eliminate a wedding shower and along with it, the gifts you would have received. If you’re just starting out, you may really need these items to get your home started. However, if you elope you can send out wedding announcements after the fact. Many people, especially relatives and close friends, will send wedding gifts once they learn of your elopement.

No matter what you choose, be sure that you have given it proper consideration and have come to terms with the choice. This will ensure that your elopement is your best option and one that you will be happy with now and always.

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