Tips for finding the perfect diamond while staying within your budget.

Secrets for buying a beautiful diamond on a budget

Buying a diamond engagement ring is often the first step in the wedding planning process. Because the diamond will be worn for a lifetime it is essential to purchase one that is both beautiful and elegant. Yet, this can be difficult to do on a small budget. There are a few secrets that you need to learn to help you choose a high quality diamond that is within your budget. Many jewelry stores will try to make you believe that you need to spend about 3 months’ salary on a diamond engagement ring. That isn’t necessarily true.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to buy a nice diamond. First, keep in mind the 4 C’s for diamond buying – cut clarity, colour, and carat. The most popular modern diamond cut is round. A round diamond that is properly cut will create brilliant light sparkles throughout. Choosing a less popular diamond cut will usually mean that you’ll need to pay more for it. A white diamond is the most common colour for diamond engagement rings and is the choice that most brides prefer. The clarity of the diamond refers to how clear the diamond is – the  clearer the better. The size of the diamond is measured in carats. 

When you’re on a tight budget it is best to put the majority of your money towards the diamond rather than the setting. Choose a plain setting of gold or white gold. Always spend as much as possible on the diamond itself. Another secret to getting an engagement ring on a budget is to purchase the diamond and setting separately. Choose a loose diamond first, and then pick a setting to put it in. This can actually reduce the overall cost of the ring by as much as 10 to 15%. 

Always purchase a diamond from a reputable jeweler. Every diamond has flaws – there is no such thing as a perfect diamond. The key to a beautiful diamond is a diamond that has been expertly cut to reduce the visibility of the flaw as much as possible. A well cut diamond will not only hide flaws but will also produce as much sparkle as possible. The sparkle from the diamond comes from the way light enters and exits the diamond. 

A small diamond with a spectacular cut can be more beautiful than a larger diamond with a less expert cut. A smaller diamond that is properly cut will actually appear larger than other diamonds of the same size. When choosing a setting keep in mind that a simple setting will make your diamond appear larger. A more intricate setting with additional diamonds and other fancy work will make the diamond look smaller than it really is.

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