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Too soon to send out formal wedding invites? Make sure guests don’t make any plans with sweet save-the-date cards.

Save the date… with style

One of the newest trends for brides-to-be is to send out save-the-date cards. These cards are a great way to announce your wedding to your friends without the formality of invitations.

These cards aren’t meant to be in place of invitations. However, because many guests may have full family schedules or need to budget time (or money) because they’re coming from far away, save-the-date cards are a quick way to give your guests a time frame to shoot for without having to spend a day at a boutique to pick out invitation styles. And, unlike invitations, these cards just give basic information – date and city – so you can send them before doing any of the major preparations, like choosing colours or a reception site.

There are many ways to create save-the-date cards, and you’re only bound by your imagination. Here are a few ideas:

Online cards

Many wedding Web sites have save-the-date cards available for purchase. After picking a style and a colour, you’ll just need to upload one or two digital photos. Some designs are postcards while others are placed in envelopes.

Also, many popular photography Web sites, such as Kodak Gallery and Shutterfly, offer save-the-date online card creators with a beautiful array of choices.

Card kits

For those who aren’t fond of uploading their personal pictures onto a Web site, another great way of creating save-the-date cards by purchasing a kit, either online or in a craft store. If you’re using a wedding planner, she may be able to advise you where to find the kits, or she may have some for purchase.

These kits have blank cards (except for “save-the-date” already in the design) and a space for you to write in the information. You can also print out the information on labels which won’t allow you to personalize the cards as much but will save you time.

Make your own

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to create your own beautiful save-the-date cards. You can purchase card stock for a sturdy postcard or heavy construction paper for a rainbow of choices. You can even glue a smaller piece of construction paper onto a larger piece of cardstock. For cards that are going in envelopes, you can glue on notions such as ribbons and buttons.

This method may take a bit more time than the others, but your guests will appreciate the time you took to remember them.

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