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Boost your energy with these tasty and energizing low calorie snacks.

Pre-wedding low calorie energy boosting snacks

Boost your energy with these tasty and energizing low calorie snacks.

Just about every bride is trying to watch her weight before the wedding. If you simply starve yourself you’re likely to lower your immune system and your energy level. Instead, boost your energy with these tasty and energizing low calorie snacks.

Apples – Apple slices are a tasty treat and supply your body with a healthy energy boost. If you want to make them even more tasty dip them in low cal dressing but avoid caramel dip – it has too much sugar and too many calories.

Nuts – Nuts are a great way to boost your energy. Be sure to choose healthy and low calorie choices like walnuts or almonds. They have tons of fiber and are full of nutrients and vitamins like Omega-3 and vitamin E. Avoid salted nuts because too much salt can cause you to become bloated.

Roasted Red Peppers – Roasted red peppers are a nice treat because they are not as bland as some other veggies. Pair them with hummus dip for a very satisfying snack (or even a small meal).

Yogurt – With many flavours to choose from, yogurt makes a delicious and satisfying snack. Stick to regular yogurt (rather than Greek style) because you’ll find fewer calories and less fat.

Cereal Bars – Cereal bars are packed with vitamins and minerals that boost your energy level without excess calories. Many different cereal bars are available so you can take your snack on the go. If you’re at home, grab a small bowl or handful of cereal to get you through the afternoon.

Popcorn – Popcorn is delish and it gives you a lot of fiber and volume for just a few calories. Try sprinkling it with flavoured seasonings that are available in many different types to add more taste to your treat.

Bananas – A banana is the original take-along snack that comes in its own secure wrapper. Eating a banana will give you energy and gives you a full feeling to squelch your food cravings.

Mini Sandwiches – Make a couple of mini sandwiches for a power boost – use turkey or chicken and use full grain, low cal bread to make a super tasty treat that is low in calories. 

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