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Jan 10
The bare accessories

How to make the most of your wedding day accessories without overspending

Jan 03
Fit bride, fat bride

How to find the perfect fitness routine to help shed those stubborn pounds

Dec 27
The skinny on pre-wedding diets

How to trim down happily and healthily a few months before the big day

Dec 24
Top wedding makeup tips from a photographer

Here are the top wedding makeup tips to help you have the best wedding photos possible for your special day.

Dec 13
Hairstyles for hot-weather weddings

Here are some styles to combat hot weather to help your (and your bridesmaids’) hair stay stunning throughout the festivities.

Dec 10
Bridal lingerie guide

One of the things that brides sometimes overlook is the need for special bridal lingerie.

Nov 29
Bulging bride? No way!

Want to bust through a weight loss plateau and look great in your wedding dress? Try these tips!

Nov 26
Bridesmaid stress – Dealing with colours your bridesmaids don’t want to wear

Try these tips for choosing the best bridesmaid dresses that will please everyone (especially you).

Nov 22
Looking cool when it’s hot

Tips for keeping your makeup fresh during a hot summer wedding

Nov 19
Pre-wedding nutrition

To get the most out of your daily nutrition before your wedding, follow these easy tips.