There are some trends that you may want to consider when choosing flowers for your wedding.

Popular floral trends

Flowers are a big part of every wedding. Floral bouquets are carried by the bride and by the bridesmaids, flowers are placed on tables, and are also used in corsages and boutonnières. There are some trends that you may want to consider when choosing flowers for your wedding.

Feathers – Feathers can soften the look of your floral arrangements and bouquets. They also allow you to add some colour to your flowers. Just a few feathers go a long way – you don’t need to add a lot of them to create a soft look. Feathers can be dyed any colour to match your wedding colours

Simple Singles – Single flowers make a visual statement and are simple to create. Your bridesmaids can each carry a single long-stemmed flower enhanced with a tied bow. Single flowers put the visual emphasis on the dresses rather than the flowers.

Large Bouquets – One of the popular trends these days is to choose a large, full, or oversized bridal bouquet. When choosing a big bouquet you’ll want to make sure that it looks balanced both in flower sizes and colours.

Wildflowers – There is a big movement towards wanting to choose natural elements and this holds true for flowers. Local wildflowers are a popular choice. Tie them simply with a piece of raffia.

Bedazzled Bouquets – Adding sparkling rhinestones or sequins to the bouquet is a popular new trend. To be most effective, place the stones into the centres of solid colour flowers for a stunning effect. Keep in mind that this look can easily become gaudy rather than elegant so don’t overdo the use of stones.

Fruit and Flowers – When designing a centrepiece, consider adding some fresh fruit to the mix. Lemons, limes, or oranges are all wonderful and colourful choices to add to centrepieces to give them a very unique and trendy look.

Candles and Flowers – Candles are a nice addition to a floral arrangement. The soft light from candles makes for a pretty glow. Candles can make flowers more beautiful and feminine.

Fish and Flowers – Live goldfish added to floral arrangements as centrepieces are a popular trend. These lively and beautiful fish add a pop of colour to the tables and make an instant fun topic of conversation for guests.

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