The weather can play an important role on your big day.

Planning for wedding day weather

One of the biggest concerns that every bride has is how to plan for weather on her wedding day. Whether you’re planning an outdoor wedding or simply need to get back and forth between the church and reception location, the weather can play an important role on your wedding day.

Rain – When a bride wakes up to a rainy day she can feel very depressed. Be prepared for rain and it won’t matter whether the sun is shining. One of the best things you can do to prepare for rain is to provide pretty colourful umbrellas for your guests (and for the bridal party). Assign a friend to the task of handing them out at the church and reception if needed. If you are having an outdoor wedding, plan on having several tents set up ahead of time. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Tents can be easily rented and the rental company will deliver them and set them up so there is nothing you need to attend to.

Heat – A hot or humid wedding day can be miserable for you and your guests. There are some things you can do to prepare for possible heat. In the church, provide paper fans for guests or get creative and print the program on a fan. Paper umbrellas can be helpful to keep out sun and heat outdoors. Small, battery operated fans are also a welcome treasure for guests on a hot day. Have them specially printed with your names and wedding date. Keep plenty of buckets of bottled water in ice available to ensure that everyone stays hydrated. Use large electric fans to circulate air in areas where there is no air conditioning.

Special help for brides – As a bride, you need to pay special attention to the elements. In the case of a rainy day, consider a simple hairstyle such as a sleek ponytail. This allows you to look great without any fuss and without having to worry about a falling hairdo. When it’s raining, wear a pair of flat sandals outdoors and change into your heels once you arrive. Have a friend be in charge of towels – bring several bath towels to help dry you off if needed. For hot weather, be sure to bring a fan and water spray with you throughout the day. If you feel hot you can spray it on your neck and back to quickly cool you off. Wear less makeup on a hot day so it won’t melt off your face. Keep plenty of water on hand so you won’t feel dehydrated.

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