Non-Saturday weddings can actually be better than Saturday nuptials as long as you follow a few guidelines.

Non-Saturday wedding guidelines

Saturday weddings have long been the favoured day among brides, but what about getting married on another day – is that possible? The answer is, yes! Non-Saturday weddings can actually be better than Saturday nuptials as long as you follow a few guidelines.

Check the Calendar – It can be sheer genius to plan your wedding on the front or end of a long holiday weekend. Look at the calendar to see what holidays are coming up. For example, a Friday wedding could be perfect on an extended weekend.

Talk to the Venues – Before choosing your wedding date, check with your top wedding venues to learn more. Many venues offer reduced prices for non-Saturday weddings. You’ll also need to check availability, which can be much more open when you don’t need a Saturday date.

Clear the Date – Check with the major players in your wedding before you choose a date. Talk to your parents, family, and close friends to find out if they will be available for a non-Saturday wedding.

Plan a Smaller Wedding – Non-Saturday wedding dates are great for those who want to keep to a smaller sized wedding. Remember that there will likely be some people who won’t be able to attend.

Save Money – A non-Saturday wedding can save you as much as 50% over a Saturday date. You can give your wedding guests a better menu, more drinks, and have a longer honeymoon on the same budget.

Less Formal – A Saturday wedding is often more formal than a wedding on another day of the week. A less formal wedding can be more fun and exciting for both you and for your guests. Be sure to let guests know how casual the wedding will be.

Destination Wedding – A non-Saturday wedding is perfect for a destination wedding. Plan on a Thursday or Friday wedding so guests will have the remainder of the weekend to continue their vacation after the ceremony.

Shorter Planning Period – Planning a wedding on a day other than Saturday will allow you to plan your wedding much more quickly. While a venue typically is booked up a year in advance, you can often find a wedding venue that’s available in a month or two.

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