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Here are some fresh ideas for non-floral centrepieces for your wedding.

Non-floral centrepiece ideas

For many years flowers have been the go-to centrepiece for weddings and other celebrations. While still a great option, many brides are looking for something a little different or unique to use as centrepieces. There are many different choices for non-floral centrepieces. When picking a centrepiece consider the size and shape – you want guests to be able to see over it. It shouldn’t be so big that it overtakes the table preventing enough room for dinner. It does, however, need to be large enough to make a statement. When you have decided on a centrepiece you should make a prototype of it and visit the reception venue so you can try it on an actual table. Here are some fresh ideas for non-floral centrepieces for your wedding.

Fish Bowls
Interesting and unique, fishbowls of different sizes and shapes can be combined to create fun centrepieces. Keep in mind that the centrepieces need to be set up right before you’re going to use them with healthy fish. Goldfish make the best choice because they are colourful.

Ornaments can be placed into glass cylinders of all shapes and sizes. You can put together your own creation of vessels. Then fill each with coloured ornaments. Choose colours that match and coordinate with your wedding decor. Plus, ornaments are inexpensive so this centrepiece will be fast, easy, and cheap to make.

Candle displays
Candles create a wonderful ambiance at your wedding. To make candles safe for your centrepiece be sure to place them into secure glass containers that will not tip or break. Candles will need to be placed on protective holders and someone will need to go around to light them. Choose candles that will last the length of the reception without burning out.

Candy in glass containers on the tables is not only nice to look at – it’s also great for the guests to eat. You can choose candy that comes in various colours to match your wedding such as jelly beans or M & Ms. This is another easy and inexpensive way to decorate the tables. As an added bonus, guests can take the candies home.

Coloured Water or Sand
Use vessels of different sizes and add coloured water or sand to create a nice look. You can mix different coloured sand to make swirl patterns or simply place each colour in its own vase. When using coloured water, test the vessels to make sure they will not tip over or place clear covers on them.

You’re a married couple now! Use your new initials to decorate the tables. Create centrepieces out of painted wood or papier mache letters that you can find at any craft supply store. Stack the letters to create a unique display for each table.


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