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You’re saving for your wedding and your funds are low, so how can you go out on a date?

No money, no problem – Date night on a budget

Here are some of the top ideas for a date night on a budget.

Movie Night – Try an at-home movie night. You don’t need to see every new flick as soon as it hits the theatres. Instead, consider choosing one night of the week as movie night. One fun option is to make it a double feature and let each of you choose one of the movies. Add some popcorn and a big bag of movie-size candy to create your own movie night in your living room.

Pizza Date – Pizza night is a popular option for most young couples. In fact, many families have one night a week that is deemed “pizza night”. Start your own family tradition by making your own pizza night. Order from a favourite place that delivers or have some fun cooking your own pizza masterpiece using toppings you like.

Game Date – Board games are fun to play and even more fun to win! Set aside a date night for playing board games that you like. Each of you can choose a game that you like and start from there. Invite friends over to add to the fun. Another option is to play video games or to play poker.

Window Shopping – Guys may not have as much fun doing this as gals but it can still make for an interesting night. When you’re starting to think about setting up your new household you’ll want to get an idea of the different furniture styles and décor options that you each like. Even if you’re not ready to make any purchases you can start dreaming about it. You’ll have fun and learn more about each of your styles and how to incorporate them into your new home.

Take a Class Together – Sign up for a class through your local park district or at a nearby shop. Choose something that will be of interest to you both. Think of things like painting, pottery, or cooking as some fun options. Sharing a class brings you closer together and is a fun and inexpensive way to spend the evening. You’ll also learn something and maybe even develop a lifelong interest.

Participate in Sports – Exercise or sports are great ways to spend quality time together. Think about each of you trying something that the other one likes to do. For example, if your fiancé likes to run why not go on a “running date” together? Then, try something that you enjoy, such as bicycling. If neither of you have a sport, try a new one together. Hiking is a great way to enjoy nature, get some exercise, and have fun with each other.

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