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Lash Lust
Various eyelash treatments and products promise to give you long and full eyelashes, but are they safe?

Lash Lust

Various eyelash treatments and products promise to give you long and full eyelashes, but are they safe?

Enhancing your eyelashes can take sparse and short to ultra-luscious, adding that movie-star style and drama to your daily look. Are you looking to lengthen yours?

Lash beauty is certainly seductive, but not at the expense of your vision or eye health. Your eyes are one of the most sensitive areas of your body – you need to treat them with great care. With that in mind, take a look at the following breakdown of lash-lengthening products and methods to learn which products are safest and most effective for use on your pretty peepers.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are an easy and safe way to extend the length of your lashes and create fullness. Simply make an appointment with a salon or spa that offers this service. Getting your extensions takes 90-150 minutes and you can choose the length of your lashes from simple and modest to extra long and ultra-dramatic. Using an eye-safe glue, the certified esthetician will affix individual lashes to your own lashes – similar to hair extensions.

Salon eyelash extensions shine for their ease, safety and affordability. And if you don’t want your lashes curling around and hitting your eyebrows forever, this method is temporary, usually requiring touch-ups every 3-4 weeks. The downfall of eyelash extensions is their unpredictability – even with proper care you can’t guarantee their lifespan. Eyelash extensions must be taken off with a special glue-dissolving solution that you can purchase at your salon. Attempting to pluck them out will pull your own lashes out with them. Ouch and that won’t make you look too pretty with bald patches where your real lashes once were!

Eyelash Tinting

While some veterans will try their own tinting, it is highly recommended that you have this done by a professional as well. Eyelash tinting is safe for most people. The dyes are vegetable based and will not damage your eyes. Some people may develop allergies on the skin, but your eyes are completely safe.

While eyelash tinting doesn’t last forever, you’ll save yourself the mascara application for at least a month. Tinting is a great option for women who have very light lashes that they would like to accentuate. And if that daily mascara is always irritating your eyes, tinting gives you dark, clump-free lashes. While the dark color will indeed enhance your lashes, tinting won’t actually make them longer or thicker.

Eyelash Growth Products

Bet you didn’t know having thin, sparse lashes was actually a medical condition! Known as hypotrichosis, having too few lashes can be remedied with an eyelash growth serum like Latisse. Latisse is FDA-approved and available by prescription only. The active ingredient, bimataprost is the secret weapon – proven to give you those lusty, dream lashes. Apply like liquid liner to the base of your lashes.

The greatest ‘pro’ of this product is that it actually does work and customers report high rates of satisfaction. The ‘con’ is the price. At approximately $130, plus the cost of a visit to the dermatologist or medical spa, Latisse isn’t a very economical way to enhance your eyelashes for many women. Users have often reported a change in eye color as a result of using Latisse. This is remedied upon discontinuance of the product.

Not Ready to Take The Plunge to Professionally Primp Those Lashes?
Here’s an easy tip from a salon professional that you can try at home. Start with a good old eyelash curler and give each set of lashes a crimp. Using mascara with a thick, full wand, hold the wand horizontally and apply mascara in a clean, upward motion. Allow a moment to set and then follow up by “lacing” you lashes with a skinny wand. Holding the wand vertically, gently pull the tip of the wand through your lashes to separate and pull out any clumps.

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