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Here’s how to find the right ride for the big day.

Is choosing wedding transportation driving you crazy?

Wedding day transportation isn’t just that picture-perfect ride off into the sunset for the bride and groom. There’s getting the bridal party, the groomsmen, and the family from the wedding to the reception. There’s finding transportation for out-of-town guests.

Here’s a basic guide to getting the right ride for the right situations in your wedding:

Plan ahead

As with all wedding events, planning is a big part of making sure transportation goes smoothly for everyone. If you’re planning on having your wedding in the fall or spring, make sure you check with your local high schools to make sure prom or homecoming isn’t the same weekend. You may find yourself without a limousine if you haven’t checked ahead.

Also, as soon as you have a head count of your wedding guests, begin to plan for their transportation. Out-of-town guests are expected to pay their own way to the town your wedding is in. However, it is often a courtesy of the bride’s family to provide transportation to the wedding and the reception for non-local guests. Many hotels will offer free shuttle service to the popular wedding and reception locations, so booking a block of rooms in a hotel that provides this service is a great idea.

Booking transportation for your guests not only provides a practical solution to make sure all of your guests arrive on time for the wedding or reception, but it also allows revellers to enjoy themselves and get back to their hotel safely.

What type of transportation should I choose?

Like with many facets of a wedding, there is no “right” way to plan for the bride and groom’s transportation. This is a matter of personal preference (or budgetary concerns). The groom is normally responsible for his and the groomsmen’s arrival at the wedding while the bride is responsible for her attendants’ transportation.

The bride may want to arrive in a simple limo. She may choose a horse-drawn carriage or a luxury convertible sports car. Or her daddy’s pick-up truck. It’s all a matter of personal style and comfort.

If the reception and wedding are in different places, hiring a shuttle service is a great way to transport your guests who didn’t drive. Make sure it’s timed so the reception hall is ready to accept your guests. If you have the money, treat your guests to a limo ride. Hiring a party bus or a shuttle is a bit more cost effective, as you don’t need as many vehicles. You can also ask people to carpool with locals to save even more money.

Going-Away transportation for the lucky couple is also a matter of preference or budget. Most people see the bride and groom leave rather than arrive, so spending the extra money for a limo here makes more sense. If the couple is leaving right away on a honeymoon, a taxi to the airport is a great way to go. Or you can keep it simple by using your own vehicle to run away to wedded bliss.

Remember that transportation is an important part of the logistics of a wedding. Planning ahead will help keep the event rolling smoothly.

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