Unwrinkle your veil

How to un-wrinkle your wedding veil

There are some effective (and easy) ways to get wrinkles out of your veil pronto.

There are some effective (and easy) ways to get wrinkles out of your veil pronto.

Your wedding day is here, your dress is immaculate and hanging crisply on its hanger. Then, you reach for the bag with your veil and suddenly you’re devastated – your veil is in a ball of wrinkles! You may think it’s hopeless at this point but don’t worry, there are some effective (and easy) ways to get wrinkles out of your veil pronto.

The best way to get wrinkles out of a veil really depends on what material it is made of. A lace veil is much more delicate than a net veil. Yet a net veil can get some very stubborn wrinkles or bends.

Steaming your veil often works very well to remove wrinkles. Steaming works best on satin, lace, and other soft materials. There is no faster way to get rid of even stubborn wrinkles. Hang the veil on a doorway and steam from the top down. If you don’t have a steamer don’t worry. You can use your bathroom shower. Turn the shower on hot and close the door. Allow plenty of steam to accumulate. Let the veil hang until the wrinkles are gone.

Ironing doesn’t work on all materials and you must use caution to make sure the iron won’t scorch the fabric. Start on the lowest setting possible to be sure that you won’t melt the material. Silk and netting can usually take a higher heat setting. Use a towel in between the ironing board and the iron to keep the fabric clean and safe.

Your dryer can be used to remove wrinkles. Set the dryer on a low heat setting. Place your veil in the dryer along with a damp dish towel. Run the dryer, checking every few minutes to make sure the veil is not overheating. Remove it promptly and hang it up.

Avoid Wrinkles
You can avoid wrinkles in the first place by taking care of your veil. Hang it in a place where it can flow freely. Don’t fold it. If you must store it, use an old cardboard tube from wrapping paper to roll it. Rolling it will keep it free from creases. Take out your veil in plenty of time ahead of your wedding so you have time to remove wrinkles if they have occurred.

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