Get creative with your place cards and make them fit into the decor and theme of your wedding.

Fun DIY place card ideas

Seating your wedding guests is one of the most difficult tasks to plan. Once you decide on the seating arrangement you need to inform guests of where they are to sit. This is usually done using place cards. There are two main ways to organize wedding reception place cards. The most popular method is to put place cards at the seats with the guest’s name facing the chair. Guests circulate to locate their table. While this works well for smaller groups when you have a large crowd you may want to locate the place cards on a table outside the reception room. Guests look for their name (arrange names alphabetically) and the card indicates a table number. A modern take on numbered tables is to name them. You can name them with flower names, artist names, movies, cars, sports teams – anything you like! It’s easy to create your own place cards. There are a large variety of choices – you can get creative and make them fit into the decor and theme of your wedding.

Seashells – Seashells make fun and unique place card holders and are perfect for summer weddings, outdoor weddings, or destination beach weddings. You can attach a small shell to a printed card with the guest’s name on it and place them on the table. Use many different types of shells to make a wonderful looking and interesting display.

Vintage Keys – Buy vintage keys from antique shops. Attach the name of the guest to each key using a small ribbon. A fun way to display the keys for guests is to outfit an old door with hooks and hang each key on the door so guests can locate their name and table number.

Ornaments – Choose small ornaments that are in a style and colour that matches your decor. Attach small printed cards with guest’s names. These can be placed on the front table or on each place setting.

Corks – Wine corks are a cute option for place cards. If the corks are able to stand up you can make a small slit in the top and slide the name card in place. If the corks won’t stand up you can simply attach a ribbon to each one and tie on the place card.

Tiny Clothes Line – Small clothespins can be attached to little clotheslines. Each clothespin holds a place card with the guest’s name and table number. The cards are easy and inexpensive to print in the colours of your wedding.

Cookie Cards – Bake small cookies in any shape that fits with the wedding theme. Then, apply icing with the guest’s name or table number or attach the cookie to a small printed place card. An alternative is to use small cupcakes or cupcake pops with place cards attached.

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