Tips to help you decide how to distribute favours.

Favour etiquette – Per couple or per person?

Favours are a part of every wedding reception. Brides may find it hard to decide just what to give as a favour. After all, the guests are attending your wedding because they know you well, yet they should go home with some type of memento of your big day. There is no set etiquette about giving favours – you can do what feels best for you.

Here are some guidelines for deciding how to distribute favours:

How many singles and how many couples do you have attending your wedding? Generally speaking, if you have more couples than singles you may prefer to simply give out one favour per couple. If you have more singles, give out one favour to each person.

How expensive are your favours? If you have chosen elaborate or expensive favours it is probably best to give just one per couple. A large or intricate favour is best provided to just one of the couple.

Is the favour a memento? If you’re giving out a personal memento such as a framed photo of the wedding couple, give just one per couple. After all, who wants to have two of the same photo in their home?

Is the favour edible? If so, it’s proper etiquette to provide each guest with his or her own food item. People see these food favours and definitely want one of their own to take home.

Are the favours part of the table decor? If you want to include favours at each place setting you need to supply one per person. Don’t scrimp on the favours that you put on place settings or it becomes obvious that you haven’t given one to every person.

Are the favours placed on a table for people to take? If you’re going to let guests help themselves to a favour that is placed on a table, you’ll need to supply one per person. In fact, add about 10 extras because some people may actually want to take another one.

Are your favours super cute? Everyone wants their own favour when it’s something really fun. Be sure to give one per guest.

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